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Safe Management of Wolf Dogs and Reducing Fear of Wolf Hybrids

Studies during the last 20 years have shown that wolves rarely attack humans and compared to other large carnivores they represent minimal risks. Most fears of wolves are cultural fears and have been spread by myths and superstition. In addition, the studies have shown that most attacks have occurred by rabid wolves.

As a result, animal behaviorists routinely espouse that wolf dogs and wolf hybrids share the same habits and tendencies as wolves and are just as dangerous. How they came to these conclusions, when studies have clearly shown that wolves rarely attack humans, is beyond me. Obviously, because real wolves are rarely around humans, and wolf dogs and wolf hybrids are--they think them just as dangerous as real wolves.

True, the studies do indicate that the eight well-documented cases of wolf attack on humans these past 20 years have been usually by rabid wolves against children and women. Does this data suggest that rabid wolves are selective in their attacks? Not really, the data does rather suggest that the rabies-infected wolves have strayed away from their packs into populated areas around humans. Usually finding unwatched and unprotected children.

However, if you broaden the studies even further, data suggests that there have been more attacks on humans by regular dogs than all the wolves and wolf hybrids combined. Moreover, the tiny mosquito is more dangerous and lethal than both wolves and wolf hybrids combined, killing more people annually than either. I will not even go into africanized bees as a threat.

Yet not to minimize the dangers of wolf dogs and wolf hybrids, we extremely recommend that you not own a wolf dog if you have small children. If you live in an area where there are lots of children, again we highly recommend that you not own a wolf dog.

Wolf hybrids and wolf dogs should be contained in enclosures suitable for wild animals where they cannot escape. In addition, the desire to escape should be minimized as much as possible. In other words, the wolf dogs should like and enjoy their territory and not readily want to leave it.

Never, ever leave a small toddler or child unattended around a wolf dog!

If you read and practice the information in my ebook, "Wolf Dogs Make Better Pets Than You Can Imagine," you'll reduce the dangers of harm and attack, and have a better chance of having a good relationship with your wolf dog or wolf hybrid. You'll gain a better understanding of wolf dogs and have a clear knowledge of how to safely manage them. Thus reducing your fears of attack and injury.

Usually the presence of bird supplies in a house is more than enough to let dogs or cats know that another pet animal and particularly an avian resides in the house. The bird on the other hand may or may not spot the cats.

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